Find Durable Lighting Solutions for Your Parking Lot

A Light Up Company provides the latest and most efficient solutions for your commercial and industrial lighting needs. We offer complete commercial light maintenance which includes parking lots, wall packs, interior offices, warehouses, gas stations, and shops. Our experienced technicians will quickly replace your bulbs and repair existing light fixtures as necessary.

If you are a site manager, a business owner, or a property management company that is interested in upgrading lighting in your buildings or parking lot, contact us today. We're willing to talk about your organization's individual needs and help you find a solution that is right for you.
Lighting Service

Complete Lighting Services for Your Business Property

  • Interior replacement of lamps and ballasts
  • Exterior replacement of lamps and ballasts
  • Repair and replacement of parking lot bulbs
  • High-voltage bulbs
  • Retrofit existing fixtures for energy savings - energy incentives available
  • FREE financing for most commercial retrofitting jobs
  • FREE energy audits
Give us a call today for exceptional commercial and parking lot lighting solutions:

Are you interested in evaluating your commercial lighting program? We supply dependable and efficient year-round building and parking lot lighting.

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